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Ort: Großer Hörsaal MTI Physiologie/Biochemie | Zeit: Mittwochs 18 - 20 Uhr s.t.

Dr. Matteo Bergami16.10.2019Adult mammalian neural stem cells: born to last
Prof. Dr. Dr. Maria Rüger23.10.2019Multimodal Imaging of the Brain
Prof. Dr. Thorsten Annecke30.10.2019Expedition Glycocalyx
Prof. Dr. Axel Hillmer06.11.2019A tumor is a seven-headed beast - Understanding intra-tumor heterogeneity
Dr. Max Liebau13.11.2019Genetic Kidney Diseases of Childhood
Prof. Dr. Holger Grüll20.11.2019Therapy with Focused Ultrasound – From Bench to Bedside
Prof. Dr. Florian Klein27.11.2019Human Antibodies for the Treatment of Viral infections
Prof. Dr. Esther von Stebut-Borschitz04.12.2019Psoriasis and cardivascular comorbidity: lessions learned from a translational project from mice to men
PD Dr. Dr. Jan Rybniker11.12.2019Alternative approaches in antibiotic drug discovery
Prof. Dr. Andreas Beyer08.01.2019Molecular Systems Medicine