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Ort: Großer Hörsaal MTI Physiologie/Biochemie | Zeit: Mittwochs 18 - 20 Uhr s.t.

Speaker Date Title
Prof. Dr. Holger Grüll Thomas 18.04.2018 Turn on the heat on cancer therapy
Prof. Dr. Miguel Alejandre Alcazar 25.04.2018 Neonatal Lung Research: How to study molecular mechanisms of normal and abnormal lung development?
Prof. Dr. Aleksandra Trifunovic 02.05.2018 When powerhouse fails - Mitochondrial stress responses
Prof. Dr. Martin Sos 09.05.2018 Magic bullets in cancer therapy
practical part 16.05.2018 Stipends and Internships
Whitsun holidays 23.05.2018 no lecture
Prof. Dr. Thomas Langmann 30.05.2018 How the immune systems controls blindness
Prof. Dr. Rudolf Wiesner 06.06.2018 Mosaic mitochondrial respiratory chain deficiency promotes cardiac arrhythmia during aging
Prof. Dr. Dirk Isbrandt 13.06.2018 Age matters: Critical Periods in Ion Channelopathies
Dr. Martin Kann 20.06.2018 To pee or not to pee - when kidneys are running out of Gas1
Prof. Dr. Paul Brinkkötter 28.06.2018 Ups and downs – polarity signaling at the kidney filtration barrier
Prof. Dr. Dr. Michal-Ruth Schweiger 04.07.2018 The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Epigenetics - or nearly everything beyond genetics