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There are various rooms in our SkillsLab that you can reserve to practice your medical skills or for your tutorials. 

Open study rooms:
During our opening hours you can always access our two study rooms located in the basement. There is no need for a reservation, they can be used by all students. If these two rooms are full, you can ask our information desk for an alternative. 

Reservation of practice rooms:
In addition to our study rooms, we have practice rooms located on the first floor. After depositing your student ID, you can use these rooms to practice your medical skills. Any equipment you need, will be available at our information desk. 
These practice rooms are also used for curricular courses. So please take into consideration that they might not always be available for students to practice in. 
If you want to reserve one of these rooms, you can call +49-221-478-7659 or write an email to

Please note:
We ask you that when you use our study and practice rooms, you leave them clean, with the windows closed, the lights turned off and the doors locked. We would also like to ask you to handle our practice equipment carefully.

The KISS Café and Information desk:
The Café can be used as a meeting point, study room or waiting room. While waiting in our Café, you can buy a coffee or snack. There is also a printer available for you.
At our information desk there are two laptops available for rent. These laptops require the deposit of your personal ID and are only to be used in the SkillsLab.
status of the KISS seminar rooms

RoomLevelRome no.ProjectorSeatingTablesAdditional Equipment
Seminar room 022.017yes2012 Live Stream
Seminar room 122.016yes2012Live Stream
Seminar room 211.022yes2012Live Stream
Seminar room 311.023yes2010Live Stream
Seminar room 411.024yes2010Live Stream
Seminar room 511.025yes 2010Live Stream
Seminar room 6-1U.001yes 2010Live Stream
Observation room 20E.005yes124Live Stream
Practice room 411.012no52Lung auscultation
Practice room 511.013no52Lung auscultation
Practice room 611.014no52Heart auscultation
Practice room 711.015no52Heart auscultation
Theme room 111.010possible2020Gynecology 
Theme room 211.011possible2020ENT
Practice Room 12-1U.004possible1010 
Emergency treatment room 10E.001possible200Resuscitation 
Emergency treatment room 20E.003possible200Resuscitation
Trauma room 10E.002possible108Intubation
Trauma room 20E.004possible105Airway management 
OR0E.008possible204Traumatology/airway management 
Anesthesia room0E.006yes50Anesthetic machine 

Room reservations

Before your inquiry, please check our auditorium if the room you wish to reserve is available.

For general information about the premises located in the KISS, please contact:

Please include the following information in your email:

  • Date
  • Time and duration 
  • alternative date and time 
  • Name and phone number
  • Reason for inquiry 
  • Number of people 
  • desired equipment (tables, chairs, projector etc.)


A USB-printer (a cable is in place for your laptop) is available for you to use in our Café.

You can rent two laptops at our information desk. You can use the wireless network of the university clinic. The MacBooks are only meant to be used in the SkillsLab. If you would like to rent one of the laptops you have to leave your personal ID as a deposit.

To use the wireless network you'll need your S-Mail account and a VPN-Client. Support is available on the homepage of the RRZK.

Practice materials:
We have multiple sets of practice equipment on-hand at our information desk. As a deposit we require your student- or personal ID.
You can rent the following:

  • Suture Tutor
  • Surgeon's knot practice board 
  • Stethoscope 
  • i.m. - cannulation set
  • i.v. - cannulation set
  • Set for sterile surfaces (including a urinary catheter simulator)
  • Blood pressure practice set
  • Otoscope
  • Ophthalmoscope
  • Intubation set
  • Scripts

In some of the theme and practice rooms you'll find additional equipment.