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Office of the Vice-Dean for Structure and Strategy

The Office of the Vice-Dean for Structure and Strategy is primarily responsible for the overall coordination, planning and structural matters of the Faculty of Medicine.

In addition to general central deanery administrative tasks and overarching informative tasks, such as the preparation of the annual report of the Faculty of Medicine, participation in the underlying structural planning of the Faculty of Medicine via the faculty committees, internal objective agreements with the University of Cologne, university contracts with the state, the university development plan as well as cooperation agreements with university and non-university partners are the main focus.

Regulation of the internal objective agreements with the university (SQM - Strategic Quality Management) is carried out in collaboration with the Offices of the Vice-Dean for Studies and the Vice Dean for Budget and Finances.

Vice Dean for Structure and Strategy

  • Univ.-Prof.'Dr.' Christiane Bruns Prodekanin für Struktur und Strategie

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