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By publishing their research results, researchers at the Faculty of Medicine contribute to the (further) development of methods, processes and therapies with the aim of improving diagnostics and therapy in patient care. Additionally, high-ranking published research results show that Cologne is a strong research region. Here you will find a selection of publications from various research fields.

New directive on the use of Affiliations on Publications

The Rectorate of the University of Cologne has issued a new directive on the use of affiliations on publications. The background of this measure is the often heterogeneous use of different addresses on university publications, which leads to the fact that many papers in external lists are not assigned to the University of Cologne. This in turn leads to poor results in national and international rankings.

Therefore, the new publication guideline for publications in all areas should be observed with a special feature:

In order to be taken into account in the performance-oriented allocation of funds by the State of NRW, it must be clear that the publication was created in our faculty. We achieve this by naming the Faculty of Medicine and the University Hospital of Cologne. For this reason, we ask you to consider only the first, recommended variant of address naming, including the Faculty of Medicien and University Hospital of Cologne, in point III: "Naming of the Institute, Departments, Other Faculty Units or Clinics and Medical Institutes". The Faculty of Medicine should also be listed if the institute can be clearly assigned to the Faculty of Medicine (e.g. Institute of Anatomy, Institute of Pathology, etc.).



Publications from the major Focus Areas: