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DFG Collaborative Research Centres at the Faculty of Medicine

Copyright: Fabian Stürtz

Collaborative Research Centres (SFBs) are research institutions established by universities for a period of up to 12 years. Scientists work together here on an interdisciplinary basis. Thus, innovative, complex and long-term research projects are realized through the coordination and concentration of persons and resources at the Faculty of Medicine and enable an institutional focus and structure formation according to the three main research areas of the Faculty.


Collaborative Research Centres at the Faculty of Medicine:

Subprojects in the SFBs at Cologne’s Mathematics & Natural Sciences Faculty

  • TRR 134 (2014-2018)
    Eating habits: Homeostasis and reward systems
    Speaker: Professor Dr. Hendrik Lehnert; University Clinic of Schleswig-Holstein 
    Part Project:
    Prof. Jens Brüning, University Hospital of Cologne