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Ort: Großer Hörsaal MTI Physiologie/Biochemie | Zeit: Mittwochs 18 - 20 Uhr s.t.

Dr. Matteo Bergami16.10.2019Adult mammalian neural stem cells: born to last
Prof. Dr. Dr. Maria Rüger23.10.2019Multimodal Imaging of the Brain
Prof. Dr. Thorsten Annecke30.10.2019Expedition Glycocalyx
N. N.06.11.2019to be announced
Dr. Max Liebau13.11.2019Genetic Kidney Diseases of Childhood
Prof. Dr. Holger Grüll20.11.2019Therapy with Focused Ultrasound – From Bench to Bedside
Prof. Dr. Florian Klein27.11.2019to be announced
Prof. Dr. Esther von Stebut-Borschitz04.12.2019Vaccine development against a protozoan parasite
PD Dr. Dr. Jan Rybniker11.12.2019to be announced
Prof. Dr. Andreas Beyer08.01.2019Molecular Systems Medicine