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Institut für Pathologie

AG Merkelbach-Bruse – Diagnostic Molecular Pathology/Research projects

Biomarker research

  • HR23B as a predicitve biomarker for HDAC inhibitor based therapy

Translational Pathology

  • Digital droplet PCR (ddPCR) and parallel sequencing in cancer detection and monitoring using plasma samples
  • New strategies in parallel sequencing – alternative enrichment technologies and RNA sequencing
  • nCounter Vantage 3D assays – simultaneous profiling of DNA, RNA aund protein targets

AG Büttner / Odenthal

  • Function of epigenetic writers in oncogenic signaling
  • epigenetic mechanisms crucial for lung cancer.
  • novel approaches in molecular pathology such as ultra-deep sequencing of RNA and DNA

AG Schultheis

driver mutations in neuroendocrine tumors, gastrointestinal tumors, endometrial cancer,

  • immune escape.
  • novel molecular approaches

AG Odenthal

  • cellular and cell-free miRNA in liver fibrosis and hepatocellular carcinoma,
  • miRNA profiles in patients with acute and chronic liver disease as potential biomarkers
  • miRNA expression and the mechanisms, which control miRNA secretion.

AG Fries

Prof. Dr. Jochen Fries

  • Endothelin-1 mediated signaling in chronic renal damage and renal cancer
  • Role of miRNA133a in renal cytotoxicity
  • Molecular tools to correctly diagnose renal oncocytoma