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Habilitation at the Faculty of Medicine

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Teaching qualification

The habilitation serves to formally establish the applicant's ability to independently represent teaching and research in a scientific subject that is a subject of the curriculum in the Faculty of Medicine (teaching ability). The subject of the habilitation is, among other things, the habilitation thesis and a scientific lecture held on its basis with subsequent colloquium and an assessment of the teaching performance. After successful completion of the habilitation process, the applicant will receive a habilitation certification confirming his or her teaching qualification. Based on the habilitation, the respective doctoral degree may be awarded with the addition "habilitatus" (e.g. "Dr. med. habil.", "Dr. rer. medic. habil." ...).

Authorisation to teach (Venia legendi)

In particular circumstances, the Dean's Office decides on the permission of the habilitated person to conduct independent courses in the field of habilitation (Venia legendi). The habilitated person is permitted to use the title "Privatdozent/Privatdozentin" (adjunct lecturer) when granted the teaching authorization. Furthermore, there is an obligation to teach at least 2 semester hours per week per academic year (= 28 teaching hours). The certificate of the awarded Venia legendi is presented to the habilitated scientist after the introductory lecture is publicly held.

Information and Forms (German)

Merkblatt Habilitation

Documents of current habilitation procedures

The documents of the current applications for habilitation can be accessed by authorized persons via the e-learning platform of the University of Cologne - ILIAS - after Ms. Höck has allowed access.

To the habilitations.  *internal area of the faculty, only accessible for members of the medical faculty.

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