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Beratung & Anmeldung zur Promotion (IPHS, IPMM, GSfBS)


The Medical Faculty awards the following degrees:

  • Dr. med. to physicians
  • Dr. med. dent. to dentists

Please inform yourself about the obligatory modules for the Graduiertenschule Human- und Zahnmedizin.

  • Dr. rer. medic. to non-medical graduates
    Please note: This degree has been discontinued according to the „Zweite Ordnung zur Änderung der Promotionsordnung“! Please consider the transitional regulations.

Within structured graduate programs:

  • Dr. nat. med. in the Interdisciplinary Program Molecular Medicine (IPMM): to physicians and natural scientists (together wit the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences)
  • PhD in the Interdisciplinary Program Health Sciences (IPHS): to Health scientists

Natural scientists with projects aiming to understand basic biological mechanisms at the Medical Faculty have the possibility to apply for the Graduate School for Biological Sciences (GSfBS) at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences awards the title Dr. rer. nat..

In all structured graduate programs, applicants undergo an admission and selection procedure. Please contact Dr. Christoph Aszyk as soon as you start your PhD at the Medical Faculty. The admission procedure for students at the Medical Faculty applying for the IPMM or the GSfBS is the same. 

For information about graduate schools, -colleges and –programs, which are presently operating at the Medical Faculty and the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences of the University of Cologne, please click here.


Für Informationen zu Graduiertenschulen, -kollegs und -programmen, die befristet an der Medizinischen und der Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftlichen Fakultät der Universität zu Köln eingerichtet sind, klicken Sie bitte hier.