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Accomodations in Cologne

Rooms in student housing

You can apply for student accommodation through the Kölner Studentenwerk (Cologne student services organisation). An application form will be sent to you by the International Office (Akademisches Auslandsamt) together with your application for admission. Due to the big demand there are waiting lists for student housing. Apply online as soon as you can. You don't need an admissions slip to do so. There will be no confirmation that the application has been received. If a room that suits your needs becomes vacant, you will receive a written offer from the Studentenwerk.

Looking for a room on the private rental market

The International Office can provide you with information (German only) about looking for a room on the private rental market.

In addition, you can find small advertisements on the notice boards, "Info-Board", which are distributed all around the campus, or else in various newspapers:

There is also a chance of finding rooms in shared apartments on the Internet at

 Note the following when searching for an apartment and signing a rental agreement:

  • Parents bond for rent: some landlords insist on this. The rental bond is a legally binding declaration from your parents saying that they will be liable to the landlord for payment of the rent for the whole term of the agreement.
  • Additional rental expenses/utility costs: on the free rental market such costs as those for electricity, gas, water and heating have to be paid in addition to the rent. In the student halls of residence electricity and utilities are included in the rent.