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Registration with a health fund (Krankenkasse)

All students in Germany must have health care cover. It is not possible to matriculate for a study visit unless you provide evidence of this.

Students from EU / EEA countries or Switzerland
Germany has social security agreements with these countries. To matriculate, you need a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) issued by the health care service in your home country. When you present this to a German public health fund you can obtain the certification letter (Befreiungsnachweis für die deutsche Krankenversicherung  – letter confirming exemption from German health insurance cover) required for matriculation. This health fund then looks after you during your stay in Germany.
If you have private health insurance you need written confirmation from your insurance company that you possess insurance cover throughout the relevant study period.

Travel health insurance is not recognised.

Students from non-EU countries
You need proof of health insurance from a German public health fund in order to matriculate. The cost of student health insurance (including care insurance) is the same with all the public health funds and amounts to about 80 € per month. You are free to choose any of the public health funds, but you can also choose a private health insurance. For example:

Mawista Versicherung
HanseMerkur Versicherung
Students from our non-European partner universities
Cover from a German insurer is only necessary for students who have no valid insurance in their own country.

Please have a look here for very detailed overview on the German health system.