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Scientific Integrity & Quality Management

The Faculty of Medicine is committed to scientific integrity and quality management.

The "Code of Good Scientific Practice and Dealing with Scientific Misconduct" is the guideline for scientific integrity of the University of Cologne. This guideline is expressed by

  • mandatory curricular modules within the framework of structured doctoral programs ("Scientific Writing", "Working and publishing in Science", "Communication in Science" and "Ethics, Theory of Sciences and Legislation on Research") as well as 
  • a multifaculty set of workshops to convey the principles of "Good Scientific Practice".

The regulations also regulate the guidelines for authorship in publications. If scientific misconduct is suspected, the appropriate ombudspersons can be contacted who work confidentially and unbound by instructions. The established management of research data aids the documentation, proof, protection and auditbility of scientific results.

A guideline on management of research data was adopted by the Senate in October 2017. Further measures to ensure scientific integrity are the plagiarism inspections of all submitted dissertations at the commencement of the doctoral process in IPMM and IPHS. In addition, the Medical Faculty has introduced an obligatory external review for doctoral theses that are to be assessed as "summa cum laude". In addition, the principle of "double" supervision of doctoral students (supervisor together with tutor) applies here.

Detailed measures:

Confidential lecturers for the interests of the students