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By publishing their research results, researchers at the Faculty of Medicine contribute to the (further) development of methods, processes and therapies with the aim of improving diagnostics and therapy in patient care. Additionally, high-ranking published research results show that Cologne is a strong research region.

Directive on the use of Affiliations on Publications

The Rectorate of the University of Cologne has issued a directive on the use of affiliations on publications. The background of this measure is the often heterogeneous use of different addresses on university publications, which leads to the fact that many papers in external lists are not assigned to the University of Cologne. This in turn leads to poor results in national and international rankings. Therefore, the new publication guidelines should be observed in all areas. This is in conformity with the requirements of the performance-oriented allocation of funds (LOM) of the medical faculties in NRW.

Extension of the publication guideline by ORCHID

The University of Cologne encourages its members to create an Open Researcher and Contributer iD (ORCID). With over six million accounts, ORCID is a widely used, free and publisher-independent author identification tool. This means that researchers can be clearly identified regardless of name similarities, name variants, name changes and changes in the place of work, which in turn means that works can be correctly assigned to their authors and thus also to the institutions.