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19. Missing Link in Translational Sceince

24.06. 5pm | With Dr. Jane Reznick and Dr. David Vilchez

KICK-START PROJECTS between Research and Clinical Application

Dear Colleagues,
Aging is a topic potentially touching upon nearly all research topics on campus. This time Missing Link will feature two young group leaders sharing their
outstanding research with us about the translational potential of model systems such as C. elegans and naked mole rats.
Dr. Jane Reznick just joined the campus. She thereby makes Cologne one of the few places worldwide with a naked mole rat breading facility.
In her talk Dr. Reznick will address the question “Do evolutionary innovations by naked mole-rats hint toward innovative therapies of ageingrelated disease?”
Dr. David Vilchez is established here on campus since a few years. His laboratory starts out with C. elegans to address the fundamental question:
“Immortal stem cells: a novel approach to delay aging and related diseases?”

Be cordially invited to this Missing Link seminar online at:


It is at the heart of this series not only to invite inspiring speakers but also to organize a nice mix in the audience.
Thus, please register early: missinglink@uk-koeln.de

On behalf of the organizing committee

Prof. Dr. Tim Hucho
Translational Pain Research
Department of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine