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Research Area A: Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Aging and Neurodegeneration

Project leaders: Prof. Dr. Elena I. Rugarli, Prof. Dr. Thomas Langer


Key objectives of research area C are to investigate:

  • mechanisms that maintain mitochondrial genome integrity during aging
  • mechanisms that ensure the fidelity of mitochondrial gene expression and regulate respiratory capacity during aging
  • key components and signaling pathways mediating increased longevity caused by mitochondrial dysfunction
  • the protective role of mitochondrial quality control mechanisms counteracting aging-associated loss of mitochondrial activities
  • pathogenic mechanisms of neurodegenerative diseases caused by impaired mitochondrial quality control to define novel therapeutic targets


Principal investigators:

  • Prof. Dr. Aleksandra Trifunovic


  • Dr. Matteo Bergami


  • Prof. Dr. Rudolf J. Wiesner