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New Registry Entry

Thank your for being part of the Med-Fak-Research-Registry. Please enter your information below. Use English language. This Registry is supposed to be useful for faculty as well as for an audience of second year medical students or undergraduate life science students also. Do only utilize abbreviations where appropriate.

Please enter the Name of your Research Group.
Please provide the link of your Research groups website, if possible.
Please enter title, name and surname of the senior researcher and of the Clinic/Institute head overseeing the research. Separate them by a comma.
Please give the senior researchers email address for questions and applications.
Please provide the Clinic or Institute your Research group is affiliated with. Note: Here in this registry you can only state one affiliation.
Please describe and contextualize your research efforts in a short. Lay-out requirements: Bullet points, using three sentences. The text below serves as a template.