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IPHS Doctoral Committee

The Faculty of Medicine appointed a doctoral committee for the organization of the doctoral program, including the selection of candidates as well as the organization and implementation of the examinations. It is comprised of:

  • The Chair of the IPHS Doctoral Committee and her*his representative
  • Five professors and their representatives
  • Two members of the academic staff and their representatives
  • Two students and their representatives

  Member Representative 1 Representative 2
Chair Prof. Dr. Anja Görtz-Dorten Univ.-Prof. Dr. Thilo van Eimeren -
Professor 1 Prof. Dr. Martin Hellmich Univ.-Prof. Dr. Holger Pfaff Univ.-Prof. Dr. Stephanie Stock
Professor 2 Univ.-Prof. Dr. Daniel Steven Univ.-Prof. Dr. Alfredo Ramirez Univ.-Prof. Dr. Jörg Janne Vehreschild
Professor 3 Prof. Dr. Axel Karenberg Univ.-Prof. Dr. Holger Grüll Prof. Dr. Philipp Steven
Professor 4 Prof. Dr. Dr. M. Cristina Polidori Univ.-Prof. Dr. Nicole Ernstmann Univ.-Prof. Dr. Ute Mons
Professor 5 Univ.-Prof. Dr. Lena Ansmann Univ.-Prof. Dr. Dr. Kai Vogeley Univ.-Prof. Dr. Roman-Ulrich Müller
Acad. staff 1 Dr. Ann-Kristin Folkerts Dr. Sandra Robrecht Dr. Dr. Svenja Rink-Notzon
Acad. staff 2 Dr. Gérard Bischof PD Dr. Julia Plück Dr. Sebastian Ludwig
Student 1 Hannah Kentenich Nora Rautenberg -
Student 2 Claire Iannizzi Nour Katnahji -

  • Counselling Members: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Mats Paulsson, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Rudolf Wiesner