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Doctoral Regulations of the Interdisciplinary Program Health Sciences (12.03.2020)

Promotionsordnung für das Interdisziplinäre Promotionsstudium Health Science

These doctoral regulations apply to all doctoral candidates who have applied for admission as a doctoral candidate after these regulations were published.

Doctoral candidates who have applied for admission to the doctoral programme before these regulations were published may be handled, upon application, in accordance with the regulations of the Study and Examination Regulations from 24.04.2013 (Official Notices 24/2013). The application must be submitted in written form to the IPHS doctoral committee. The decision is irrevocable.

For further information please contact the IPHS Office.

Study and Examination Regulations (24.3.2013)

IPHS Studien- und Prüfungsordnung
English translation: Study and Examination

These regulations govern the IPHS at the Faculty of Medicine, at the University of Cologne. In particular, these regulations govern the admissions prerequisites, content, structure, goals, organization and the examination requirements of this doctoral program.

Guidelines for Safeguarding Good Academic Practice and Dealing with Academic Mis-conduct

Amtliche Mitteilung 24/2011
Guidelines for Safeguarding Good

These guidelines are based on recommendations made by the German Research Foundation Commission "Self-regulation in Science". It is also based on recommendations made by the Rectors' Conference (HRK).