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Summer Schools and Webinars

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Summer schools and summer academies abroad are an ideal opportunity to spend a short period in another country and find out more about a clearly defined subject.
By attending one of our summer schools in Cologne, students and young scientists from other countries can get to know this faculty and decide to do a course of advanced study, a doctorate or research visit.   


Examples of summer schools in which the Medical Faculty has been involved:


Click here for details of all summer schools offered by the University of Cologne.

Bevorstehende Webinare

Bevorstehende Summer Schools

Bevorstehende Summer Schools mit Beteiligung der Medizinischen Fakultät :

  • für 2024 sind noch keine geplant

Weitere Summer Schools in 2024:


Bei Rückfragen wenden Sie sich bitte an das Team ZIB Med (
Das gesamtuniversitäre Angebot an Sommerschulen finden Sie hier.