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The transfer of scientific knowledge and translational research play a decisive role in transferring research into socially relevant areas of application. In cooperation with the University of Cologne, the Faculty of Medicine has created programs that are available to all faculty members.

Together with the University Hospital of Cologne, the Faculty of Medicine generates a large number of research results in all areas. This results in a wide range of opportunities to transfer findings, new methods and technologies towards practical application and use outside of science, thus creating genuine innovation. The overarching goal of innovation transfer at the Faculty of Medicine and the University Hospital is to make research results from the laboratory directly usable in order to develop new ways of diagnosing and treating patients. Innovation development is actively supported by the Research Promotion and Transfer Department in the Medical Dean's Office. Advice on topics relating to intellectual property, inventions and patents, services relating to the acquisition of application-oriented funding, the preparation and handling of collaborations with industry, licensing and close integration with the ESC Gateway start-up center are our main areas of focus.

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