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Research Focus Area

Metabolism and Tissue Regeneration

Demographic change and the associated increased incidence in age-related diseases that include metabolic syndrome, degenerative, fibrotic and cardiovascular diseases, present society with major socio-economic and clinical challenges.

The aim of the research focus area “Metabolism and Tissue Regeneration“ is to define the molecular pathways and cellular interactions that regulate metabolic processes, cellular communication  and tissue homeostasis, and address how disturbances of these pathways and processes lead to a range of metabolic and degenerative diseases often associated with aging. The overarching goal is to develop new therapeutic strategies that prevent, target or enable early detection of diseases associated with an altered metabolic status and/or disturbed regeneration, such as diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular diseases, degenerative and fibrotic diseases of e.g. kidney and skin, as well as neurodegeneration.