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Cross-sectional Research Area

Health – Person – Society

The Cross-sectional Research Area: Health – Person – Society serves as an interdisciplinary consortium dedicated to researching the interplay of individual influencing factors and societal contexts on health and healthcare.

Addressing contemporary challenges such as demographic shifts, the rise in chronic illnesses, limited healthcare resources,  increasing social disparities and climate change is imperative for fostering a healthy population. Health is shaped, on one hand, by individual factors like genetic traits, lifestyle elements such as diet and exercise, and personal health literacy. On the other hand, social and societal determinants, as well as the overarching conditions of healthcare provision, also wield significant influence.

Within the Cross-sectional Research Area: Health – Person – Society, a collaborative structure integrates expertise and experience from diverse fields such as public health, medical sociology, healthcare sciences, nursing science, midwifery science, health economics, and general medicine. The goal is to attain a comprehensive understanding of the intricate relationships among health, individuals, and society. Emphasis lies on both the health-oriented perspective and the viewpoint of person-centered healthcare. While researching the prevention of health risks—both on an individual level as behavioral prevention and on a societal level as situational prevention—is central, equal attention is given to healthcare across all life stages and illness phases. A particular focus is placed on investigating and promoting person-centered care as well as health-promoting resources of patients and their relatives.

The objective of the Cross-sectional Research Area is to detect and mitigate health risks early and to strengthen resources for health in research projects, adopting a holistic approach to individuals. Social science and societal perspectives on health and healthcare are integral to this endeavor. The Cross-sectional Research Area provides a platform for interdisciplinary research, teaching, and the translation of findings into practice and the region. Collaboration in funding proposals and projects, involving scientists from various disciplines, faculties, universities, and municipal institutions, takes precedence.