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Areas and Construction in Research and Teaching

The Vice Dean's Office for Critical Infrastructures is responsible, among other things, for planning, awarding contracts and, in the first instance, for approving the conversion of the research and teaching areas of the Faculty of Medicine. We work closely with medfacilities GmbH to implement the necessary construction and relocation measures.

If there is a justified need for additional teaching and research space, e.g. through the successful acquisition of third-party funding, this should be communicated by letter to the Dean or the Dean of Research before the application is submitted. After a review of the content, we will then work together with medfacilities and the Coordination Office for Construction and Technology to plan, release funds and implement the project.

In addition, we take care of the strategic structural alignment of all teaching and research areas on our campus, which are laid down in the master plan for teaching and research. Here you can see an overview of the campus after completion of all possible construction measures.