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GAMMA Lunch Time Webinar: How to reduce the ecological footprint in biomedicine

10/24/2023 - 12pm

Dr. med. Dr. sci. Tomo Šarić speaks about: How to reduce the ecological footprint in biomedicine: research, teaching and clinic

The recently founded  GAMMA AG Nachhaltigkeit was initiated by the academic mid-level staff (GAMMA) of the Faculty of Medicine and the University Hospital of Cologne (UKK). As scientists, physicians, teachers and researchers, we receive the highest level of trust among the population. At the same time, climate change, with its increase in weather extremes, heat waves, and zoonoses among others, affects the vulnerable and those in need of treatment in society particularly strongly. In this Lunch Time Webinar, Dr. Saric will present the goals and activities of GAMMA Working Group “Sustainability” and share some practical examples of how we all can contribute to a more sustainable environment in our everyday work and life.

Together with the AG Nachhaltigkeit of the UKK and other student and university initiatives, we want to raise the awareness about the consequences of climate change and biodiversity loss, and contribute to the implementation of an ecological transformation for the benefit of our society, our patients, ourselves and future generations.

If you would like to join us, please visit our website:: and/or get in contact with Tomo Saric or Johanna Frobel

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