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Mental health in the EUniWell community

Mental health has become an increasingly important issue during these last months of the pandemic and social distancing. This is provided for by including two projects that treat mental health of students and staff from different perspectives.

Mental health literacy among students: the ability to recognise, manage, and prevent mental illness

The goal of this project is to build a creative and innovative higher education landscape that has a measurable impact on the well-being of European citizens. In a first step, the group aims to obtain the current mental health status quo of the students of the participating universities. This project group, representing teaching/research/staff in mental health as well as students, wants to investigate the level of mental health literacy and the relationship to other constructs, such as help-seeking behaviour, psychological distress, resilience, defence mechanisms, and self-stigma among students from the EUniWell consortium universities. The main goal is to improve the knowledge and also problem-solving skill concerning mental health issues. Led by University of Cologne, the project includes the University of Florence, Leiden University, University of Nantes and Semmelweis University. For questions regarding the project, please contact Rainer Weber.