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Click on the photo to find out more tips for a sustainable diet.
Click on the photo to find out more tips on reducing, reusing and recycling.

Sustainability is an impressive concept that is often seen as a big word. But when it comes to everyday actions, the small steps each individual takes together can have a huge impact. What we consume within our own four walls can directly impact the world's largest and most vital ecosystems. To counteract the threatening decline in biodiversity, we must take action together.


Galerie 2. Forum Nachhaltigkeit

Am 22.04.2024 fand das zweite Forum Nachhaltigkeit der Universität zu Köln im Hauptgebäude der Universität zu Köln statt. Hier finden Sie die ausgestellten Poster mit einer Vielfalt an Themen und engagierten Gruppen. 

Gallery First Sustainability Forum

On February 9, 2023, the first Sustainability Forum of the University of Cologne took place at the Life Science Campus Cologne. Here we show the variety of topics and committed groups based on the posters presented.