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Students should first contact the relevant coordinator at their home university. After the internal selection procedure has been completed the home university sends a list of nominated students to ZIB Med.
The application process described below applies for visits for one or two semesters within the ERASMUS+ programme. Students from non-EU countries may need to complete a different application. Students from partner universities outside Europe should therefore contact ZIB Med directly after they have been nominated by their coordinator.
Once the partner universities have nominated their students, ZIB Med contacts the students directly and asks them to send the following documents by email:

  • Learning Agreement – signed / stamped by the home university
  • Medical certificate
  • current CV (in German or English)
  • Proof of health insurance (e.g. EHIC card) 
  • current Transcript of Records of the home university
  • Copy of your passport or identity card
  • German language skills at the level of min. B1, proven by one of the following official language certificates

Please note that the entire study programme (lectures, practicals, seminars, exams) is held exclusively in German!

The deadlines for submitting these documents are as follows:

15th December for the following summer semester (April - September)
15th June  for the following winter semester (October - March)

If the complete application does not reach ZIB Med by the relevant deadline, the official nomination is no longer valid and the place is forfeited.