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Arriving in Cologne

Please come to ZIB Med soon after you arrive in Cologne and bring all the documents that your home university needs us to sign for your term abroad.

The next important step is matriculation at the University of Cologne. During the application process you applied for authorisation for limited-length enrolment under the ERASMUS programme. This is passed on to the university’s International Office to complete your enrolment.

ZIB Med will e-mail you again in good time to tell you about the procedure.

About one week before the semester starts, ZIB Med runs an obligatory information and introductory event at which the curriculum of the Medical Faculty is presented and students are given their individual semester plans. Attendance at this event is compulsory so you need to arrive in Cologne in good time. Please plan your journey accordingly.

ZIB Med will contact you by e-mail in good time to tell you the dates of these events.

You have to remain in Cologne for the whole semester. A short return trip to your home country is only permitted in individual cases for specific reasons and after consultation with ZIB Med.