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UoC's Center for Data and Simulation Science - Workshop 7th July

Workshop of the Center for Data and Simulation Science (CDS)on Data Science and Machine Learning in Medicine.

Dear Colleagues,

 The Center for Data and Simulation Science (CDS) is a cross-faculty research center of the University of Cologne fostering research activities in data science and machine learning, among others, across the different faculties of the university. 

In medicine, data science and machine learning are of ever increasing importance and are meanwhile widely used in many research projects. In order to network the CDS with the large number of existing research groups in these fields at the Faculty of Medicine and University Hospital Cologne as well as increasing the visibility of the different groups within the university’s landscape, we plan to organize a workshop where all interested research groups could present their work. 

 If you are interested to actively participate in this workshop, please send a short email by April 28, 2023 to the managing coordinator of the CDS, Dr. Jascha Knepper (jascha.knepperSpamProtectionuni-koeln.de). 

 At this time, we do not need any further details on your research, but we would like to get a first overview on the number of interested research groups. We would then contact those who are interested in due time.

 The workshop is planned for July 7, 2023. Please save the date.

Please feel free to distribute this email among your interested colleagues.

 Best regards,

 Axel Klawonn

Prof. Dr. Axel Klawonn                                      E-mail: axel.klawonnSpamProtectionuni-koeln.de
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Director, Center for Data and Simulation Science

University of Cologne