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Family Support Centres for researching physicians in continuing Education with family obligations

"Gusyk jobs"

In order to give physicians the opportunity to combine clinical and research activities and to be able to better fulfil family responsibilities in raising children or caring for relatives, the Dean's Office promotes family support positions for researching physicians with family responsibilities in continuing education. These family support positions include the release from night and weekend duties. If other forms of support than the release of services are more helpful in achieving the programme's objectives, special arrangements can be made in individual cases.

We cordially invite you to apply for the 8th round. The next positions will be vacant on 01.10.2019. The closing date for applications is 15.05.2019.

The ratio of research and clinical activity within a Gusyk position should be 50/50 over the period of approval.

Applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • She/he works as a physician at the University Hospital of Cologne.
  • He or she is in further training to become a specialist or in further training after obtaining a qualification as a specialist.
  • He/she has one or more children to look after and/or cares for a family member.
  • The quality of the research work is proven by the successful acquisition of third-party funds or by relevant publications.

The following documents should be submitted with the application:

  • justification of the application taking into account the above-mentioned requirementsbBrief description of the current project/projects
  • curriculum vitae
  • list of publications
  • listing of third-party fundings

Written confirmation from the clinic director that the release from night and weekend duties is guaranteed or individual arrangements are desired, and that the research activity can be adequately pursued.
The family support centres are approved for one year. Subsequent re-application is generally possible.
Please submit your application as a coherent PDF file to the Dean's Office for Academic Development and Gender, Dr.´ Vanessa Romotzky (