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Vergangene Events

Info event on 6 Dec. 2022 | 4 pm | online

Exchange opportunities within the #EuropeanUniversity for Well-Being

Info event on exchange opportunities within the #EuropeanUniversity for Well-Being

6 Dec. 2022 | 4 pm | online

The University of Cologne is part of the European University Alliance EUniWell - European University for Well-Being. Register now and get information about the alliance and the exchange and cooperation opportunities with the other EUniWell partner universities.



Upcoming online meeting on January 29th 2021

Launch of EUniWell Research Collaborative Network

This online meeting will launch the new EUniWell Research Collaborative Network which seeks to explore the design, biochemical action and biomedical activity of new agents (particularly, but not exclusively, metal-containing molecules and nanostructures) that target unusual DNA or RNA structural motifs relevant to cancer and viral disease.

The meeting will take place on Friday 29th January 2021 from 9 – 11.30am GMT / 10am – 12.30pm CET

All EUniwell researchers and staff are welcome. Joining details will be circulated via email to registered attendees prior to the event.

A limited number of slots will be available for chemists, bioscientists, biophysicists and medical researchers in the seven EUniwell Universities to make a short (ca 5 minute) presentation of their scientific interests and potential for collaboration in the area of the network: Brief expressions of interest (ca 100 words) should be sent to by noon (GMT) on 21st January.

The meeting will also feature research presentations on this topic from the network coordinators:

Professor Mike Hannon (U. Birmingham) - Supramolecular recognition of DNA and RNA junction structures for anti-viral and anti-cancer therapy

Professor Sylvestre Bonnet (U. Leiden) - Stabilization of four-way DNA junctions with small molecules

Professor Luigi Messori (U. Firenze) - Non canonical DNA structures as targets for metal based drugs

Professor Zoe Pikramenou (U. Birmingham) - Nanoparticle metal probes for detection, delivery and imaging