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The Faculty of Medicine stands by the values of diversity, diversity of perspectives and equal opportunities formulated in the UoC's mission statement and, as part of the university, is committed to the Charta der Vielfalt ("Charter of Diversity"), which the UoC signed back in 2014. It is therefore important to the Faculty of Medicine to take decisive action against all forms of discrimination, sexualized violence and bullying.

In 2022, the University of Cologne adopted the new version of the University of Cologne's anti-discrimination policy (download on the right). The Vice Dean's Office for Academic Development and Equal Opportunities has established the Netzwerk Antidiskriminierung ("Anti-Discrimination Network") so that this policy can have the best possible effect within the Faculty of Medicine / University Hospital.

For people seeking advice

  • Have you experienced a racist situation that haunts you and burdens you?
  • Have you been confronted with sexist statements?
  • Your colleagues have insulted you in a queer-hostile way?
  • You don't yet know exactly whether and how you want to and could react and would like to talk to someone in a protected environment first?
  • Would you like to report a case of discrimination (anonymously) and need support?

What to do in case of discrimination? You can find the information sheet for those seeking advice at the University of Cologne and counseling services in the area of discrimination at the University of Cologne here.

Anti-discrimination network

The Anti-Discrimination Network offers you various support options. You can get in touch with the contact persons in the network (see below) or contact the Coordination Office directly.

Coordination Office

Get in touch with the coordination office of the anti-discrimination network. We will help you to find suitable contact persons or professional help. Of course, all contacts will be treated confidentially and remain anonymous if you wish.

Send us a message using the contact form:

Contact form

Contact us personally during our open telephone consultation hours (anonymously if you prefer): Every Wednesday between 11 am and 1 pm.

Personal consultations are also possible by appointment.

Dr. Vanessa Romotzky
Graduate pedagogue I Vice Dean's Office for Academic Development and Equal Opportunities
Phone: 0221 478 87973


Contact persons in the network

The anti-discrimination network provides you with contact persons from different areas (students, teaching staff, academia, administration). Get in touch with your preferred contact person. We are here to help and advise you and are always ready to listen to your concerns. On request, we will support you in filing complaints and/or finding suitable advice centers. We will also be happy to arrange an appointment for a personal meeting with you.


Sophie Günther has been studying human medicine at the UoC since 2018. She is also active in the university group "Critical Medicine Cologne".


Shreyasi Bhattacharya is the student leader of Medicus Kickstarter and President of AIMS (Association of International Medical Students). She studies human medicine at the UoC and is a mandated member of the autonomous BIPoC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) department and president of the South Asian student group. She is currently completing her doctoral thesis at the CECAD research center.


Dr. Maria Guschlbauer is a veterinarian and has headed the decentralized animal husbandry network of the Faculty of Medicine since 2016. During her studies of veterinary medicine in Vienna and Hanover, she was already a member of the Working Group for Equal Treatment Issues and the International Commission in order to make an active contribution against any kind of discrimination within the university.



Dr. Philipp Linde has been working as a doctor at the Clinic and Polyclinic for Radiation Oncology, Cyberknife and Radiotherapy since summer 2017. With the teaching excursion "METRIK - Medicine meets Art and Culture", which he initiated and led, he is particularly involved in student teaching. His commitment was recognized with a nomination for the Cologne University Prize 2021. Dr. Linde believes that open teams that bring together people with different talents, nationalities, genders, religious or sexual orientations are the key to success.



Begüm Şengül has been studying human medicine at the University of Cologne since 2021 and previously worked as a registered nurse. She is on the board of the AIMS (Association of International Medical Students), on the organizing team and the anti-discrimination working group of the autonomous BIPoC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) department. Since February 2024, she has been a doctoral student in Experimental Pulmonology (AG Alcazar) at the Department of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine. An intersectional approach plays a central role in her work, research and commitment. 


Lena Haarmann is a psychologist and social scientist. She is doing her doctorate on the topic of mental and physical health in LGBTIQ people. She grew up in a rainbow family and, as a lesbian woman, it is important to her to strengthen the perspective of LGBTIQ people in the health context and to advocate for non-discriminatory coexistence.



expand: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Nicola H. Bauer
expand: Dr. Rabi Datta

Dr. Ümran Sema Seven has a degree in psychology and has been working as a research assistant in the Department of Medical Psychology at the Faculty of Medicine since 2016. As a budding psychotherapist, cultural sensitivity in healthcare and the preservation and promotion of mental health are particularly important to her.



Univ.-Prof. Dr. Nicola H. Bauer has headed the Institute of Midwifery Science and the 'Applied Midwifery Science B.Sc.' course at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Cologne since April 2022. As a midwife/midwifery scientist, the topics of diversity, gender and diversity are very important to her - especially in the context of obstetric care for pregnant women, women in labor and women who have recently given birth, their children and families in the reproductive phase of life. Teaching these topics in interprofessional teaching - including in the skills lab and in simulation exercises - is very important to her.



Dr. Rabi Raj Datta has been working as a doctor at the Clinic and Polyclinic for General, Visceral, Tumor and Transplant Surgery since 2015. Before that, he worked as a surgeon in Kassel and took part in several aid projects, including in Brazil and India. The "Institute for Indian mother and child" project in Kolkata, India, is particularly close to his heart. He has been a specialist in visceral surgery and responsible for visceral surgery teaching at Cologne University Hospital since 2018. The working groups, which he is mainly responsible for, deal in particular with new techniques in teaching and medicine as well as diversity in medicine.



expand: Dr. Houda Hallal
expand: Prof. Dr. Rudolf Wiesner
expand: Prof. Dr. Elke Kalbe

Dr. Houda Hallal is committed to diversity and equal opportunities in research, teaching and studies:
- Diversity-sensitive teaching and research in the PJ-STArT block and in the Longitudinal Curriculum Social and Communicative Competence for Dentists (LSK-Dent).
- Head of the Medicus Kickstarter project - for Diversity and educational equity.
- Counseling for students with heterogeneous educational biographies.
- Development of a Diversity-sensitive Longitudinal Curriculum in human medicine.



Prof. Dr. Rudolf Wiesner teaches at the Institute of Vegetative Physiology. He is the Faculty of Medicine's liaison lecturer for students and teaches physiology in the 4th semester. He has a lot of personal contact with the students through the seminars and physiological practicals.



Univ.-Prof. Dr. Elke Kalbe heads the Department of Medical Psychology | Neuropsychology and Gender Studies at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Cologne. As Vice Dean for Academic Development and Equal Opportunities at the Faculty, the topic of anti-discrimination is particularly close to her heart and welcomes every initiative to make our Faculty a discrimination-free space and to promote the "mindset" of diversity and diversity as a strength in medicine.




Heike Zims is a doctor and has been working as the coordinator of the clinical study section in the Dean's Office of the Faculty of Medicine since 2009.


She is known to many students and lecturers in the Faculty as a contact person for students and lecturers with study problems of all kinds.