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Learning Objectives

Learning objectives describe theoretical knowledge, practical skills and attitudes taught through courses. They are indispensable for the achievement of educational goals and serve students and teachers for targeted teaching and examination preparation.

For the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Cologne, the Working Group Learning Objectives has developed a 3-step scheme for the formulation of operationalised learning objectives, comparable to the national catalogue of learning objectives currently being planned.

The operationalisation of learning objectives pursues the purpose of formulating the learning objectives conceptually in such a way that the acquisition of the learning contents becomes objectifiable ("measurable") and the students and teachers can comprehend the required learning depth.

The Study Commission recommends that operationalised learning objectives be formulated for all courses in the medium term according to the prescribed "Cologne Scheme", which will then form the basis of a "Cologne Learning Objectives Catalogue".

In addition to a guideline for the creation of operationalised learning objectives and example objectives from various courses, you will also find a creation mask for your course in the form of a Word document.

Documents (in German language):


On behalf of the study commission, the working group examinations developed recommendations for improving the quality of examinations and performance records.
The proposed measures are based on published and already successfully implemented concepts that have been adapted to the conditions and requirements of the Cologne Medical Faculty.
The aim of the measures is to hold high-quality and fair examinations in all subject areas related to the courses, which accurately reflect the performance level of our students.

In the brochure (Broschüre) you will find
-a simple "checklist" on the quality of execution".
-a handbook for the preparation, follow-up and execution of examinations

The recommended measures and the planned time horizon can be found in detail in "Milestone Planning".