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Student advisory service

As a student or prospective student, where can I get personal advice on studying medicine or dentistry?
The Central Student Advisory Service of the University of Cologne (ZSB), which is located at Albertus-Magnus-Platz in the SSC (StudierendenServiceCenter), offers personal student advisory services.
Employees of the Medical Dean's Office are only available for personal counselling at special information events. The dates can be found here.

Where can I find the current study regulations of the Cologne Model Course of Studies in Medicine?
You can find the study regulations here (Studienordnung).

Study place

How do I apply for a study place in medicine or dentistry at the University of Cologne?
An application for the 1st semester only takes place when you start your studies at a university (formerly ZVS). An application directly to the University of Cologne is NOT possible! Further information you will find  here.

Are there selection interviews for the allocation of study places in Cologne?
No, there are no selection interviews in Cologne.

What are the selection criteria in the university selection process (AdH)?
Starting in the winter semester 2016 / 2017, study places in the AdH will be allocated for the study programmes Medicine and Dentistry taking into account the criteria Abitur average grade (51% weighting) and result of the TMS (49% weighting). Up to and including the 2016 summer semester, the average Abitur grade is the only criterion of the AdH. Also with the AdH the application takes place only over university start (in former times ZVS).
Further information is available here.

What is the TMS (Test für Medizinische Studiengänge)?
Information about the TMS can be found here.

How do I apply for a higher semester to study medicine or dentistry at the University of Cologne?
An application for a higher semester (higher level/change of location/transversal entry) must be submitted to the University of Cologne. Further information you will find here.

I would like to apply to study medicine or dentistry, but do not have a general university entrance qualification?
Information is available here.

Performance records

Where can I have my academic achievements at another university or in another degree programme recognised for medical studies?
You can have your academic achievements from related subjects or study programmes or those that you have obtained at foreign universities recognised by the LPA (Landesprüfungsamt in Düsseldorf).
There you can also certify a placement for a higher semester.
If you are already studying medicine and are merely moving to Cologne, the Dean's Office of Studies of the Cologne Medical Faculty will recognise your external academic achievements after you have matriculated in Cologne.


Can I attend courses in medicine or dentistry as a second student?
No, a second audience is not possible in the Medicine and Dentistry courses at the University of Cologne.

Can I obtain proof of achievement in Cologne if I am enrolled at another university?
No, you can only obtain certificates of achievement in medicine or dentistry here if you are properly enrolled at the University of Cologne as a first student in medicine or dentistry.

University enrolment

 Where can I register?
The enrolment (matriculation) and other administrative study matters are handled by the Central Student Secretariat at the SSC (StudierendenServiceCenter) at Albertus-Magnus-Platz.

Are you interested in studying as a guest student or senior citizen?
Information is available here.

Please note that it is not possible to attend the majority of courses in human medicine and dentistry due to patient protection and limited training capacity.


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