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Vice Dean's Office for Strategy & International Affairs

The Vice Dean's Office for Structure and Strategy is primarily entrusted with overarching coordination, planning and structural matters of the Faculty of Medicine. In addition to general central dean's office administrative tasks, the focus is also on participation in the overarching structural planning of the Faculty of Medicine via the faculty committees, internal target agreements with the University of Cologne, university agreements with the state, the university development plan and through cooperation agreements with university and non-university partners.

The Faculty of Medicine maintains a large number of international cooperations, promotes personal mobility for students, researchers and teachers, and is also active in capacity building in the Global South. These activities are implemented by the Center for International Relations of the Faculty of Medicine (ZiB Med).


  • Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. Jens Peter Klußmann Prodekan für Strategie & Internationales Medizinische Fakultät


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Team Center for International Relations (ZiB Med)

Team Incomings (Raum EG.005)


Frau Paula Schulte (Studentische Hilfskraft)


Team Outgoings (Room EG.023)

Tel.: +49 221 478 30713



Ms. Annabell Lieser (Student Assistant)
Mr. Kai Wessendorf (Student Assistant)
Mr. Erik Gordon (Student Assistant)


Team Study Start International

Email: zibmed(at)


Ms. Huaying Zhang (Student Assistant)

Office hours: by appointment only