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Office of the Vice Dean of Studies

The Office of the Vice Dean of Studies supports all means related to the education of students in the Faculty of Medicine. This support involves both the students themselves (from the planning of timetables and advice in specific situations to the training of medical skills in the "Cologne Interprofessional Skills Lab and Simulation Centre, KISS") and the teachers (from course planning to medical didactic "Teach the Teacher" seminars). It advises the faculty committees and represents the medical faculty in teaching matters at the university and beyond.

The Vice-Dean's Office has set up various departments to fulfil its tasks. Although the staff of the Vice-Dean's Office are tempted to offer flexible and uncomplicated help with all questions, a certain expertise results from the multitude of tasks in the departments.

Should you have any questions, please contact the staff member directly, with whom you wish to speak. You are also welcome to contact Mrs. Peters at the secretary’s office of the Study Dean's Office, who will help you find the appropriate staff member.


Unit 1: Staff Office

Unit 2: Model Study Course

Unit 3: Dentistry

Unit 4: Skills Lab / KISS

Unit 5: Digital Teaching Management

Unit 6: Examinations Office - Medicine

  • Dagmar Comberg Prüfungsamt Medizin: Ärztliche Prüfung Vorklinik, Anerkennung 3-monatiges Krankenpflegepraktikum, 1. Wissenschaftliches Projekt

    + 49 221 - 478 87997
    Gebäude 42, Raum EG 001

    Sprechzeiten nach Vereinbarung

    Contact via E-Mail
  • Monika Pieczewski Prüfungsamt Medizin: Zahnärztliche Vorprüfungen, Zahnärztliches Staatsexamen, Neurowissenschaften BSc./MSc.

    +49 0221 - 478 6642
    +49 0221 - 478 88850
    Gebäude 42, Raum EG-004

    Montag - Freitag 7:30 - 12:00  Uhr,

    sowie nach Vereinbarung

    Contact via E-Mail