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Public relations / communications at a glance

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The Public Relations/Communication service unit acts as the central point of contact for all questions relating to external and internal communication in the Fakulty of Medicine.

The following topics, among others, are anchored here:
- General public relations work
- online editorial office, support of the portal pages of the Faculty of Medicine
Press service for specialist area-specific enquiries: Placement of contact persons and experts with the press office of the university or university hospital
- Corporate Design and Corporate Publishing in cooperation with MedizinFotoKöln
- Event management
- Support of the alumni management and the student council
- University marketing for the faculty
- Consulting faculty members on communication issues (in particular scientific communication)

The service unit is the contact point for journalists, employees, scientists, lecturers, students, sponsors of the department as well as for the interested public and sees itself as a communicative interface between the department, the University, the University Hospital Cologne as well as all internal and external target groups.

Topics & services at a glance