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Third Mission & Social Commitment

Our social Mission

The Faculty of Medicine and the University Hospital of Cologne, together with other faculties of the University, takes its public mission of creating greater value for society vigorously. The Faculty provides open house (i.a. in the University Hospital), public events and lecture series, offers for children and senior citizens as well as participation in external events, partly in cooperation with the Student Council, the University Hospital and cooperation partners. The goal is to sensitize people to socially relevant topics, to keep them informed and to offer people interested a platform for exchanging information and discussion that can be transferred back into science and teaching. Find out more here.


Fakultät engagiert sich

Die Corona-Pandemie stellt auch die Medizinische Fakultät vor ungeahnte Aufgaben. Mediziner*innen, Expert*innen und Studierende der Medizinischen Fakultät engagieren sich Tag für Tag für die akute Krankenversorgung in Zeiten der Coronakrise. Außerdem arbeiten Experti*innen der Medizinischen Fakultät der Universität zu Köln in Wissenschaft und Forschung auf vielen unterschiedlichen Ebenen an der Diagnostik und Therapie des neuen Coronavirus SARS Cov-2.

Die Fakultät hat eine Seite mit aktuellen Informationen vor dem Hintergrund der Coronavirus-Krise aufgebaut, die Sie kontinuierlich zu den Aktivitäten der Fakultät auf dem Laufenden hält.

Link zur Corona-Infoseite

Aufbau einer Medizinischen Fakultät in Dschang

Capacity Deelopment in Cameroon

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  • Foto: Benjamin Köckemann
  • Summerschool in Köln an der Med. Fak. Foto: Klaus Schmidt, MedizinFotoKöln

Dschang is somewhere in nowhere, a comparatively small city beyond the big urban hotspots in the highlands of Western Cameroon, in the French-speaking part of the country, at an altitude of 1380 m. The Medical Faculty of the University of Cologne is providing capacity development here: with a Cameroonian ambassador, PD Dr. Filomain Nguemo, who over the last 18 years has realised a picture-book career in Cologne as a stem cell researcher and works as a group leader in electrophysiology at the Centre for Physiology and Pathophysiology of the Medical Faculty of the University of Cologne. Learn more
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Research Transfer

At the Faculty of Medicine also in cooperation with other faculties, research institutions and universities - research is carried out on questions of diagnosis and therapy of diseases of high social relevance. This results in new treatment options via translation processes, which flow into the treatment of patients. The University Hospital of Cologne, with its clinics and polyclinics, stands as a maximum care provider for an essential carrier of these translation processes: Here, people with complex clinical pictures are treated with the latest technologies and methods.

Studie zur Steigerung der Lebensqualität von Demenzkranken

Studie zur Steigerung der Lebensqualität von Demenzkranken

Konzept der Kölner Universitätsmedizin
Exzellenzcluster CECAD

Exzellenzcluster CECAD

Forschung zu Ursachen des Alterungsprozesses und alterungsassoziierten Erkrankungen

Social Commitment

100 Years University Medicine

Educational Day ("Tag der Lehre")

Lifelong learning

Educational Day ("Tag der Lehre")