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Independent Junior Research Group Leader

At the Faculty of Medicine, young scientists are active in the following areas through various funding programmes:

Emmy-Noether Junior Research Groups

PD Dr. Dr. Philipp Schommers

Department I for Internal Medicine (2022-2024)
Characterization of HIV-1 Antibody Resistance in Humans and its Impact on Viral Fitness

Dr. Silvana Valtcheva

Department for Vegetative Physiology (2022-2024)
Neural circuits for oxytocin release and maternal behavior

Dr. Othman Al-Sawaf

Department I for Internal Medicine (2023-2026)
Integrative Modellierung der Plastizität, Evolution und Prognose von Krebs

BMBF funded Junior Research Group

Dr. Alexander Simonis

Department I for Internal Medicine (2022-2027)
Immunotherapies against bacterial infections

Junior Research Groups funded by the Mildred Scheel School of Oncology (MSSO) Cologne-Bonn

Dr. Johannes Brägelmann

Translational Genomics (2020-2024)
Dissecting functional determinants of therapy response and immune-interactions in squamous cell carcinomas

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Julie George

(appointed as of 01.03.2021)
Translational Genomics (2020-2024)
Evolutionary adaption of cancer to therapeutic response

Dr. Filippo Beleggia

Translational Genomics (2020-2024)
Mutation-driven vulnerabilities in Small Cell Lung Cancer

NRW return program

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Katarzyna Bozek

(appointed as of 01.08.2022)
CMMC  (2019-2024)

UzK/MPI Junior Research Group

Dr. Stephanie Panier

Max Planck Institute for Biology og Ageing (2020-2025)