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Prodekanat für Finanzen & Haushaltsentwicklung

Office of the Vice-Dean for Budget and Finances / Economic Development

In addition to the administration of state and third-party funds, the Vice-Dean for Budget and Finances is responsible for budget planning and the development of medium- and long-term financing concepts.

The Vice-Dean's Office is responsible for the transparent presentation of the financial flows between research, teaching and health care, as well as for ensuring that the amount allocated for research and teaching is used exclusively for these two core tasks of the Faculty of Medicine. By establishing prospective planning, the availability of funds is to be ensured in order to implement medium- and long-term strategic measures and structural changes in research and teaching. The Office of the Vice-Dean for Budget and Finances works closely with the Controlling Department of the University Hospital on many affairs.

In addition, the Vice-Dean of Finances is the chairman of the Finance and Budget Commission, which is a persistent commission of the Faculty of Medicine. The Commission advises the Vice-Dean on the allocation of funds from the "Teaching and Research" investment fund.



Team Sondermittel

Das Aufgabengebiet des Teams Dekanat Sondermittel umfasst die Unterstützung, Bewirtschaftung und Beratung wissenschaftlicher Projekte zur Qualitätsverbesserung der Hochschullehre und Forschung, die aus Mitteln unterschiedlicher Förderer finanziert werden.