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An offer of the Medical Faculty of the University of Cologne

MhÄK - Mentoring for Habilitating Female Doctors

The MhÄK mentoring program systematically supports female doctors working in science who are pursuing the goal of a university professorship.

The core of the program is the individual contact with a professor (mentor) from your own field. This personal contact provides insights into different career paths and offers the opportunity to reflect on your own career plans with an experienced person.

Targeted support through seminars on the topics of “scientific know-how, career planning and soft skills” as well as peer work in the network are further important components of the program.

Duration: 2 years

Start: annually in January

Time commitment: a total of at least two meetings with the mentor, participation in at least four seminars and three network meetings including introductory and closing events

Participation fee: one-off 150 euros, additional travel costs may be incurred for the meetings with the mentor


Dates and topics of the seminars:

Information will follow.


What you should know

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