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Verifying the authenticity of an academic degree

At the request of former students, ZIB Med can verify the authenticity of an academic degree and the duration and dates of study at the Medical Faculty of the University of Cologne.
This requires that ZIB Med be given written permission by the former student involved.

Requests and application forms should be sent by post or email to Mrs. Clara Harms at ZIB Med (
The verification has to be double-checked by several different parts of the University of Cologne. We should therefore warn you that responding to your request can take some time.
The processing period can be shortened if ZIB Med is provided with the original certificates or with copies that have been officially certified by a German authority abroad (German embassy or consulate).

ZIB Med is able to check and verify the following qualifications:

  • First Section of the Medical Examination
  • Second and Third Sections of Medical Examination => complete course (Regelstudiengang)
  • Medical Examination => model course (Modellstudiengang)
  • Approbation (licence to practise medicine)
  • Doctorate, Dr. med. (MD)


If requested ZIB Med can issue a Medical School Transcript. This document describes the individual subjects studied and gives the number of hours of study in each case. It also lists all the different forms of practical work experience completed by the student (nursing internship, clinical traineeship (Famulatur), parts of the year of clinical training (PJ)). Students or former students must show ZIB Med the relevant original certificates, or officially certified copies of them, in order to have work experience placements verified in the Transcript.