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Funding for Researching Female Doctors in the Postdoc phase (FF-Med)

State program "Seizing opportunities, promoting research and family - program for equal opportunities in university medicine in North Rhine-Westphalia" (FF-Med)

The Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia supports female doctors working in research at the Faculty of Medicine who are in the post-doctoral phase.

The Faculty of Medicine has developed two funding concepts for this purpose, which have been announced for the 6th time.

Female doctors in the post-doctoral phase can apply for a "time relief" or a "research stay abroad". The funding pot amounts to a total of €100,000 for one year. 

The funding includes time off from clinical activities (e.g. half a year off work, no clinical activities for a few weeks/months, one day a week off work for a longer period) or financial support for a stay abroad.

Detailed information on the program and the application process can be found in the statutes (top right).

The application should be sent as a PDF file to the Vice Dean's Office for Academic Development and Equal Opportunities at

If you have any questions, please contact Lucas Jungbluth (