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Peer-Teaching-Courses (PT)

Peer Teaching Information: +49-221-478-7659

In addition to our curricular courses, we offer various Peer-Teaching-Courses that are taught by our student assistants. These courses will help you acquire and improve your medical skills. 

Depending on each students prior knowledge and experience, we will revise and discuss the most important theoretical basis and practice the skills step by step.

After each Peer-Teaching you can receive a certificate of participation if you wish. 

Registration process:

From now on you can only register for Peer-Teaching courses online through KLIPS 2.0. Registering in person is not possible anymore. As soon as you register online your name is put on the waiting list. If your name is on the waiting list, you can come to the KISS and pay a deposit of 5€. The first 10 (or 8) students who leave a deposit will get a fixed place. 
Should all fixed places for a Peer-Teaching course be taken, all interested students will get an email notification. 
If a participant cancels and a fixed place becomes available, you will also get a notification via email.

The easiest way to find our Peer-Teaching courses is with the dropdown button labeled "search" (courses) at the top of the homepage of KLIPS 2.0. 

Deregistration process: 

If you wish to deregister from a Peer-Teaching course, you can only do so up to two workdays beforehand.
You can see the exact times on KLIPS 2.0. To be fair, a later cancellation is not possible.

Deposit policy:

When you leave a deposit of 5€ at our information desk you will get a receipt. You will only get your deposit back if you bring the receipt to the Peer-Teaching course. Without the receipt you will not get your deposit back! If you deregister from a course online in time you can also get your deposit back by presenting your receipt at our information desk.

If you do not attend or deregister from a course in time you will not get your deposit back!