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Missing Link SPEAKER Dr. Constanze Duhme Missing Translation – The Call to Spin-Off Dr. Thomas Christoph Missing Translation – An Industry Perspective

Live Event: 01. September 2022 5 PM s.t. – 6 PM

Ultimately, translation requires pushing novel concepts beyond the realm of universities. Lot’s of help has been arranged to patent ideas and to create spin offs. Dr. Constanze Duhme is transfer scout for the start-up excellence center Gateway at the medical faculty. In her talk “Missing Translation – The Call to Spin-Off” she will explain, why this commercialization is needed, why universities can succeed in the economic race, and what needs to be done. 

If successful, such translation may take off big time. Accordingly, Dr. Thomas Christoph will share his decade long insight into big pharma. In his talk“Missing Translation – An Industry Perspective” he will outline, what makes it happen and what may be overlooked by many academics.