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Clinical work, ECTS credits and recognition

As a PJ or Famulatur trainee, you will work from Monday to Friday in one clinical unit.
Normally, a working day is 8 hours long, usually from 8:00 am – 4:00 pm.
Please note that work hours can vary depending on the department (for example, surgical departments usually start somewhat earlier).

Cave: Weekend and night-time work is not required. You will NOT be paid and, unlike the students enrolled at the Medical Faculty, you will NOT be given a study day. 

You will receive 2 ECTS credits per week during your traineeship (both PJ and Famulatur).

At the end of your stay, please ask your supervisor to confirm the completion of your traineeship (e.g. "Praktikumsnachweis (PJ-Abschnitt/Famulatur)"). After showing ZIB Med the aforementioned document, we will issue a Transcript of Records of your completed traineeship, certifying/documenting when it was carried out and how many ECTS credits were allocated. Because of the varying work hours of the different departments (see above), it is not possible to certify the exact number of hours.