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Course selection

Before you submit your application please talk to the coordinator at your home university and decide which courses are relevant for later recognition by your university.
The choice of courses will then be defined in the Learning Agreement between the student, their home university and the host univeristy. Your ERASMUS coordinator will help you to prepare a Learning Agreement.

Please note that the following subjects can only be taken if you spend at least two semesters – a whole academic year – in Cologne.

  • Surgery (including visceral surgery, vascular surgery, cardiac and thoracic surgery and trauma surgery)
  • Internal medicine (including gastroenterology, cardiology, haematology/ oncology, endocrinology)
  • Imaging procedures (radiology)
  • Emergency medicine

It is not possible to complete these subjects in a single semester. It is also not possible to complete only individual parts of these subjects.

Please do also keep in mind that it is no longer possible to repeat an exam in order to improve your grades. In case you did not pass an exam you can only repeat it in the NEXT semester. There are no re-examinations at the end of each semester.

When choosing your courses please note that you can select subjects from different semesters.
An overview of the subjects and the corresponding ECTS credits is given here.

ZIB Med will check your Learning Agreement and then put together your individual semester plan. You will also be registered for lectures, classes, seminars and exams by ZIB Med. You do not need to register yourself independently for any of these events.