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Course list with ECTS

Accreditation of student records from abroad

Studying abroad raises the question of which of the achievements provided in Germany are recognized at your home university. Therefore, it is necessary to check with your Erasmus coordinator before sending the application to the ZIB Med about which achievements can be recognized. These must then be entered in the "Learning Agreement".

The ECTS system is intended to facilitate the accreditation of learning achievements at a partner university in the home country. It is based on the quantitative rather than qualitative transfer of credit points for particular units of instruction.

Course Catalogue

You will find the course catalogue here.

Every "Querschnittsbereich" (Q1-Q14) contains 3 additional "Kompetenzfelder" (additional interdisciplinary subjects with lectures, exams and in some cases practical trainings), please see list.

Course list

Subject codeName of subjectECTS points
Fachblock 2Anaesthesiology3
Fachblock 3Occupational Medicine, Social Medicine2
Fachblock 4Ophthalmology2
Fachblock 5Surgery (incl. visceral surgery, vascular surgery, cardiac-thoracic surgery, trauma surgery) / cave: lasts 2 semesters10
Fachblock 6Dermatology, Venerology4
Fachblock 7Gynaecology, Obstetrics4
Fachblock 8Ear Nose and Throat Medicine2
Fachblock 9Human Genetics3
Fachblock 10 Hygiene, Microbiology, Virology6
Fachblock 11Internal Medicine (incl. gastroenterology, cardiology, pneumology, nephrology, haematology/oncology, endocrinology) / cave: lasts 2 semesters12
Fachblock 12Paediatrics4
Fachblock 13Clinical Chemistry3
Fachblock 14Neurology6
Fachblock 15Orthopaedics3
Fachblock 16Pathology6
Fachblock 17Pharmacology, Toxicology5
Fachblock 18Psychiatry and Psychotherapy incl. CYP6
Fachblock 19Psychosomatic Medicine4
Fachblock 21Urology2
Querschnittsbereich 1Epidemiology, Med. Biometry5,5
(KF: Clinical Studies / Heart Insufficiency & Coronary Heart Disease / Allergies)
Querschnittsbereich 4Infectiology & Immunology3,5
(KF: Transplantation & Transfusion / Collagenosis & Vasculitis / Fever & Sepsis)
Querschnittsbereich 5Clinical-Pathological Conference6,5
(KF: Kidney Dysfunction / “The Tumor Patient” / Enlargement of Lymph Nodes)
Querschnittsbereich 6Clinical Environmental Medicine3,5
(KF: Illegal Substances / Dyspnea / Diarrhea and Nausea)
Querschnittsbereich 7Medicine of Aging3,5
(KF: Memory Disorders / Movement Disorders / Vertigo)
Querschnittsbereich 8Emergency Medicine / cave: lasts 2 semesters3,5
(KF: Cardiopulmonary Reanimation / Polytrauma / Gall & Pancreas)
Querschnittsbereich 11Imaging Procedures / cave: lasts 2 semesters7,5
(KF: Thyroid Gland / Vascular Disease / Venous Thrombosis & Pulmonary Embolism)
Querschnittsbereich 12Rehabilitation, Physical Medicine, Naturopathy3,5
(KF: Joint pain / Apoplex & Neuro rehabilitation / Cardiac arrhythmia)
Querschnittsbereich 13Palliative Care2,5
(KF: Control of Symptoms / Changes in Therapy / Loss of weight and exhaustion)
Querschnittsbereich 14Pain Medicine2,5
(KF: Compliance and Self Medication / Tumor pain / Headache
-Internship/clerkship (max. 2 per semester, min. duration 2 weeks)2 per week
-Practical Year (min. 1 month, max. 6 months)2 per week


We will accredit  only the above mentioned ECTS points for succesfully completed classes or clinical internships and not those from your home university.